The Best 5 Casinos on the Planet

There are around 1,000 casinos in the world; with a significant portion of these being in the US. However the states aren’t the only ones who can do casinos! You’ll find equally impressive experiences in China, Lisbon, Atlantic City as well as South Africa. So buckle up and come on a journey with us through our top 5 best casinos on the planet!

The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao, located in China, is known as the largest casino in the world. At this casino, there are 3,000 gaming machines located throughout the 546,000 square feet gaming floor. The Venetian also boasts 870 card and table games, along with 24 bars and 3,000 hotel rooms for when the whole experience inevitably becomes tiring! The sheer scale is probably what gives this casino its worldwide reputation.

Bellagio Las Vegas 

Another one of the best casinos on the planet is the Bellagio in Las Vegas. This is one of the most popular casinos to visit in sin city due to its great range of casino games. This casino is packed with beautiful hotel rooms and exceptional service from very well trained staff. This casino is also great because the rooms are generally affordable and offer superb comfort. At the Bellagio, you can expect great live entertainment, amazing food and huge prizes and a choice of more than 2,300 slot machines, that’s more than you can find at Slot Games

What to Do at Casino Lisboa

Casino Lisboa is located in Lisbon, Portugal. This casino has a gaming floor that covers over 165,000 square feet. On this floor you can access up to 1,000 machines and we have it on good authority that this is 9th largest casino in the world… There are also over 26 card and table games to play and 7 bars to meet all your refreshment needs. It’s safe to say that this place could offer you hours (or even days?!) of entertainment.

Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa

When it comes to Atlantic City, one of the best casinos to visit is the Borgata casino. The excitement never ends at this casino with over 3,000 slot games to choose from. This casino also restocks their inventory regularly to make sure you always have new ways to play. After a night full of excitement at the casino, you may want to check out the impressive spa facilities to unwind a little!  At the spa, you can find a number of amazing treatments which include massages and facials. Just the thing after a busy day at the tables.

Tusk Rio Casino Resort

Tusk Rio Casino Resort  is located in South Africa. The casino is inspired by the vibrant colours and passion of the Carnival in Rio De Janeiro.  If you are looking for a casino that is full of life, packed with entertainment and glamour then this could very well be the place for you! At this casino, there are over 274 slot machines as well as 11 table games to choose from. Colour and vibrancy are at the heart of this one of a kind casino.

Writen by Elaine