Taxis & Cabs – What’s the Story behind these Sedan Cars?

When most people think of a taxicab, they imagine a picture of a yellow car, or professional term ‘sedan.’ Another image that comes to mind is a flood of taxi’s set in New York City. However, depending on the country, not all taxis are yellow, in England, London, the taxis are usually black.

Taxis in the United States, Las Vegas

Taxis/cabs are quite popular in America, particularly in Las Vegas and in New York city, where many people would rely on them to go from point A to point B. These cabs would typically be used by tourists, however, more and more residents living in the cities are starting to use these cabs more because the traffic is overwhelming in some parts of the town. Sometimes in Las Vegas and in New York, you can get to your destination quicker by walking instead of driving.

However, this depends on how far your destination is from your starting point. If you’re going to the opposite side of the city centre, you would get there faster by walking and plus, if you’re a tourist, you would want to see as much as possible, therefore walking is beneficial. Also, if you’re on holiday in Las Vegas for example, it wouldn’t be a true Vegas experience if you didn’t go to a casino, however, due to the global pandemic those physical casinos may be shut, but you can still gamble via online casinos by using these options.

Taxis Have a Long History

Taxis have a long and illustrious history that predates the car industry. What if I told you that in the year 1640, Paris was the first city in the world to use taxis/cabs. London was also the first and only city in England to develop a taxi system.

Automobiles grew more popular around the turn of the century. Despite the fact that early cars were slow and expensive, taxis were always available, and they were important in the early days for moving around, as most middle-class workers couldn’t afford a family car, therefore the only option they had was to get transport from a taxi.

Gottlieb Daimler, a German inventor, and entrepreneur who launched the first metered cab company in 1897, at the time he saw this as a lucrative business idea, therefore Daimler created his own automobile, which he used in his taxis. Another German inventor, Wilhelm Bruhn, offered him metres to measure trip lengths and travel hours and then with the two elements combined, the rest is history.

Writen by Elaine