5 tips for a Beautiful Destination Wedding in Mexico

Destination weddings are always celebrated for a number of reasons. One, it shows that you’re willing to have your wedding somewhere else other than your home, which always excites the guests that show up. They’re getting a vacation and a celebration at the same time, and who can really complain about that? Another reason why destination weddings are so popular is that it’s a way to broadcast your good taste without looking like you’re bragging. We know that many people like to be modest, but c’mon…it’s a wedding. Why not show off to the world how much you love your spouse to be?

Yet for all of the benefits that come with a destination wedding, there are some challenges. Where will you go? How will it all come together? And where will you stay? If you chose to go out to Mexico for your wedding, there are some tips we can give you for a great destination wedding people will be raving happily about for a long time.

destination wedding mexico

1. Get the right team in place

When it comes to planning for a destination wedding, you’re going to need a great team on your side. Now, your team will most likely be made of multiple groups all working together with each other, but that’s to be expected. We think that the team at Sea Side Mexico does a great job with accommodations and attractions, and it’s their area of expertise. They know Mexico and they know where travelers really want to stay. If you’re looking into private accommodations for everyone, they are definitely the team to talk with.

2. Get solid on the details

With something as big as a destination wedding, you can’t leave anything to chance. So this isn’t the time to agonize over the theme. Pick a theme and stick to it, and then build everything around those elements. If you’re planning to have a lot of people come to the wedding, you need to budget for many places at the table. How much of this will be up to your guests to provide, such as transportation and airfare? Writing all of the details down in advance will truly help you stick to your plan. Continue reading “5 tips for a Beautiful Destination Wedding in Mexico”