Great promotional products for the home

Home gadgets are used every single day by all of us, as we all look for gizmos that will help make our lives just that bit easier. And our favourite kinds of handy items? It has to be promotional products, as not only are they incredibly useful, but more often than not, they’re free!

There are many types of promotional gifts, but if you’re a business hoping to appeal to stay-at-home mums, families or busy households, here are a few suggestions on what we think are the best promotional items to give away to attract most attention to your organisation.

Promotional pens

Promotional pens

We all know what it’s like when you desperately need a pen and can’t find one, which is why so many of us love it when we receive promotional pens from companies giving them away for free. We can then carry as many as we want around, knowing that there’ll always be one handy should we have to scribble something down.

According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), 39 per cent of Brits said they would most like to receive a pen compared with other promotional gifts, beating the likes of electrical items and mugs.

Not only do we love collecting promotional pens, but we can’t bear to let go of them either. The BPMA revealed that 12 per cent of people kept pens longer than any other promotional product, which is saying a lot considering one-third of Brits have held on to a promotional gift for between one and two years, while almost the same number have kept one for between three and four years!



Like pens, mugs have universal appeal. We might have a set in our homes already, but there are always occasions when you suddenly find yourself having to make a cup of tea for more people than you have cups for – this is where promotional mugs come in, as you can make sure everyone is well watered without having to splash the cash on a new set of cups yourself.

With the UK Tea Council revealing that we drink 165 million cups of tea a day in the UK, extra mugs will always come in handy – which is why companies should consider using them as promotional gifts for their customers.

Bottle openers

While we might not use a bottle opener as often as a pen or a mug, bottle openers always come in handy during the holiday season at outdoor events like a Summer BBQ, garden fete or festival. Most bottle openers double up as keyrings too, so recipients can attach them to their house or car keys and have them nearby all the time. This not only means they’ll be able to pop open a bottle wherever they are, but they’ll also have the chance to see your company’s branding everywhere they go.

Garden gizmos

Not all household gadgets have to be specifically for the home, and it may be worth distributing free garden gizmos as part of your next promotion or campaign.

As we approach Summer, more and more people are likely to spend time enjoying their gardens, which provides a great opportunity to raise your company profile on promotional items like packets of seeds or foldable chairs.

Other gadgets

There are plenty of other gadgets that should allow you to display your firm’s name and logo on a regular basis. Other popular household items that can be personalised include:

• Car ice scrapers
• Aprons
• Ice cube trays
• Bottle stoppers
• Candles

Writen by Elaine