Reasons why foodies will love living in Essex

Essex might not spring to mind when you think of foodie capitals, but I think it’s certainly got impressive credentials. Perhaps the most obvious reason why is its array of leading restaurants that mean you don’t need to travel to nearby London to enjoy a top meal.

Not everyone who works in London wants to live there, and a large number of individuals choose to purchase new homes in Essex by Countryside Properties and other developers and commute into the capital instead. As such, the county has built up an array of facilities and amenities to make it an attractive place to live, and that includes some fabulous restaurants.


Chelmsford is a popular place for families and couples to live, and one restaurant here that’s caught my eye is the Punch Bowl. With an Anglo-French menu, this eatery is particular known for its fantastic selection of wines – and it even offers trips to Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne! Continue reading “Reasons why foodies will love living in Essex”