Taxis & Cabs – What’s the Story behind these Sedan Cars?

When most people think of a taxicab, they imagine a picture of a yellow car, or professional term ‘sedan.’ Another image that comes to mind is a flood of taxi’s set in New York City. However, depending on the country, not all taxis are yellow, in England, London, the taxis are usually black.

Taxis in the United States, Las Vegas

Taxis/cabs are quite popular in America, particularly in Las Vegas and in New York city, where many people would rely on them to go from point A to point B. These cabs would typically be used by tourists, however, more and more residents living in the cities are starting to use these cabs more because the traffic is overwhelming in some parts of the town. Sometimes in Las Vegas and in New York, you can get to your destination quicker by walking instead of driving. Continue reading “Taxis & Cabs – What’s the Story behind these Sedan Cars?”

An overview of the different tyre types

When buying tyres for your vehicle, you’ll find several types like summer tyres, winter tyres and all season tyres to consider. Here, we’ll give you an overview of the different tyre types. Before you make a purchase, you may also want to consult your dealer to decide which type of tyre suits your needs best.

All-Season Tyres

Many people like all-season tyres because they offer enough traction for normal driving conditions. All-season tyres come in a wide range of sizes. You can use this type of tyre regardless of whether or if you have an SUV or an economy-sized car. In most cases, all-season tyres are also very affordable. These factors make them a popular option for the typical driver who only plans to encounter paved surfaces. That being said, they’re not necessarily designed to combat stronger winter conditions. If you live in a wintery climate, you’ll definitely want to check out winter tyres.

tyre types

Performance Tyres

Performance tyres are designed to give drivers more control over their vehicles. More control equals increased safety. Performance tyres allow cars to hug curves tighter and brake at shorter distances than all-season tyres. Performance tyres often have lower profiles and wider footprints, which gives them greater contact with the road. Most of them are made of rubber that’s been formulated to stick to the road. The increased performance, however, often comes with a higher price tag. Want a high level of safety? Performance tyres often beat all-season tyres. Continue reading “An overview of the different tyre types”