Taxis & Cabs – What’s the Story behind these Sedan Cars?

When most people think of a taxicab, they imagine a picture of a yellow car, or professional term ‘sedan.’ Another image that comes to mind is a flood of taxi’s set in New York City. However, depending on the country, not all taxis are yellow, in England, London, the taxis are usually black.

Taxis in the United States, Las Vegas

Taxis/cabs are quite popular in America, particularly in Las Vegas and in New York city, where many people would rely on them to go from point A to point B. These cabs would typically be used by tourists, however, more and more residents living in the cities are starting to use these cabs more because the traffic is overwhelming in some parts of the town. Sometimes in Las Vegas and in New York, you can get to your destination quicker by walking instead of driving. Continue reading “Taxis & Cabs – What’s the Story behind these Sedan Cars?”

The Best 5 Casinos on the Planet

There are around 1,000 casinos in the world; with a significant portion of these being in the US. However the states aren’t the only ones who can do casinos! You’ll find equally impressive experiences in China, Lisbon, Atlantic City as well as South Africa. So buckle up and come on a journey with us through our top 5 best casinos on the planet!

The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao, located in China, is known as the largest casino in the world. At this casino, there are 3,000 gaming machines located throughout the 546,000 square feet gaming floor. The Venetian also boasts 870 card and table games, along with 24 bars and 3,000 hotel rooms for when the whole experience inevitably becomes tiring! The sheer scale is probably what gives this casino its worldwide reputation.

Bellagio Las Vegas 

Another one of the best casinos on the planet is the Bellagio in Las Vegas. This is one of the most popular casinos to visit in sin city due to its great range of casino games. This casino is packed with beautiful hotel rooms and exceptional service from very well trained staff. This casino is also great because the rooms are generally affordable and offer superb comfort. At the Bellagio, you can expect great live entertainment, amazing food and huge prizes and a choice of more than 2,300 slot machines, that’s more than you can find at Slot GamesContinue reading “The Best 5 Casinos on the Planet”

Five amazing tips to improve your trading performance

Making money in the online trading industry is very hard. People are always looking for a shortcut but when it comes to spreading betting profession, you have to consider the conservative way of trading. If you trade with huge risk to earn a huge amount of money, chances are very high you will blow your trading account. People start to trade the live market without having any knowledge about the diversified nature of the Forex market. And at the end of the day, most of the traders lose money. Though there are many ways of to improve your trading performance in today’s article, we will highlight on five major factors.

Daily time frame trading

Daily time frame trading is for the long-term traders. Long-term trading is often considered as the safest way to trade the live assets. The retail traders often ignore this strategy since it’s very much time-consuming. But without having patience in the Forex market, it’s very hard to make a consistent profit. The scalpers or the short term frame traders always have many trades but at the end of the day, most of them are losers. But when it comes to long-term trading strategy, you will always have a chance to win the trade as you will be following the conservative style.

Trade with low leverage

Leverage can act as a double edge sword. If you can use it properly you can easily make a huge profit with a very small investment. On the contrary, those who fail to control their emotions often blow their trading account due to the use of the high leverage trading account. So those who are new to the spread betting profession should always consider low leverage trading account. It will limit your lot size and most importantly it will dramatically reduce the risk factors. Continue reading “Five amazing tips to improve your trading performance”

Top 5 Unusual Bingo Halls

The game of bingo still proves to be popular for millions of people all over the globe. While land-based bingo halls are generally on the decline, in part because of bingo sites like Rocket Bingo and Mecca Bingo gaining popularity, thousands of people still make the trip to their local bingo hall every week. Not every bingo hall is created equal though and there are some very odd ones out there to say the least.

We thought we would take a look at some of the most unique and interesting places to play traditional bingo in the UK and beyond. There certainly are some unusual options so we’ve listed our top 5 below.

  1. Gala Bingo Club, Tooting  – Located in the London borough of Wandsworth, the Gala Bingo club in Tooting is the first on our list. This bingo hall is housed in an old cinema that was originally built as one of the historical Art Deco cinemas of the 30s. It is considered by many to still be one of the most spectacular cinemas in Britain and is considered an asset of community value in London. It’s one of Gala’s most popular venues and well worth a visit if you’re in the area.
  2. Veggie Bingo, Chicago – This began as an idea to create awareness of how important it is to support your local businesses and to buy local produce. There is a focus on great food with Veggie Bingo with additional prizes of local produce from local businesses and farmers offered on top of the standard cash jackpot. You will find Veggie Bingo across several halls in Chicago with lots of these games taking place every week and these can be played both indoors and outdoors!
  3. Durham Bingo Hall, Bishop Auckland – This venue cause quite the stir in late 2016 when it was reported that the bingo hall itself was subject to some paranormal activity. Dubbed the “Grey Lady” the apparent apparition was captured on video and the eerie footage appeared to show a ghostly old lady. Staff of the Hippodrome Bingo Club in Bishop Auckland, County Durham have previously stated that they believe the hall to be haunted. While these might just seem to be old wives’ tales, there have been quite a few sightings of this apparition.
  4. Five 15, Michigan – This bingo hall is based in the US in the state of Michigan and its main selling point is their Drag Queen Bingo games. These are a popular choice among the local community and lots of fun. It’s common for players to dress up in a range of extravagant outfits and has become a popular option for many different types of player. The entertainment hosts such as “The Mouth of the South” are there to keep things friendly and fun at all times.
  5. Mecca Bingo, Rosehill – Another bingo hall that reportedly a bit haunted! The Mecca Bingo hall in Rosehill, London left members scared out of their wits after some strange noises were heard. This actually led to a séance being held by a group of ghost hunters known as The Ghost Club. The club contacted Mecca after they had heard of the goings on at this popular bingo venue. The group asked a series of questions and were apparently greeted with loud bangs. Some staff even went as far to say that they had seen doors slam of their own accord. Spooky!

These bingo halls are indicative of just how fun the game can be and how quirky players can be too! All over the world, this game still commands attention and players. With wonderful jackpots on offer, some may even be tempted to visit the spookier ones on our list.

An overview of the different tyre types

When buying tyres for your vehicle, you’ll find several types like summer tyres, winter tyres and all season tyres to consider. Here, we’ll give you an overview of the different tyre types. Before you make a purchase, you may also want to consult your dealer to decide which type of tyre suits your needs best.

All-Season Tyres

Many people like all-season tyres because they offer enough traction for normal driving conditions. All-season tyres come in a wide range of sizes. You can use this type of tyre regardless of whether or if you have an SUV or an economy-sized car. In most cases, all-season tyres are also very affordable. These factors make them a popular option for the typical driver who only plans to encounter paved surfaces. That being said, they’re not necessarily designed to combat stronger winter conditions. If you live in a wintery climate, you’ll definitely want to check out winter tyres.

tyre types

Performance Tyres

Performance tyres are designed to give drivers more control over their vehicles. More control equals increased safety. Performance tyres allow cars to hug curves tighter and brake at shorter distances than all-season tyres. Performance tyres often have lower profiles and wider footprints, which gives them greater contact with the road. Most of them are made of rubber that’s been formulated to stick to the road. The increased performance, however, often comes with a higher price tag. Want a high level of safety? Performance tyres often beat all-season tyres. Continue reading “An overview of the different tyre types”

Managing Corporate Expenses is a Breeze – Thanks to Prepaid Cards

Several problems and inconveniences may arise when employees need to allocate money on the companies’ behest. In most cases, corporate credit cards will not be issued to all employees meaning that compensation can take weeks or longer while the receipts are frequently lost during the business dealings. Since it is not mandatory for companies to employ conventional payment methods, it is best to look into the most convenient and simplified approach to obtain your financial rebates.

Presented below are five ways that prepaid cards can help streamline your company’s expenditure management operations:

1. Better control on staffs’ spending

When using an outdated business spending approach, the employee would often spend the company’s money first then explain why afterwards. Often times this will result in unnecessary travelling costs, lavish lunches, or expensive entertainment. By choosing to use prepaid cards instead, employees will have a fixed amount of resources to use meaning they will be obligated to budget their expenses more mindfully.

2. Take advantage of prepaid cards to track your budgets

Business expenses tend to accumulate over time, most notably if you have a fixed budget on handling a project. As is customary when using old-fashioned expenditure approaches, the actual costs are only seen once the expense report has been submitted. Alternatively by using prepaid cards, you can monitor the budget over time and weed out unnecessary spending before it become problematic. Do not delay on getting your employees expenditure reports before adjusting your budget by using a prepaid card in its place.

3. Observe and notice early signs of fraudulent activities

Assuming that your expense report procedure does not have a regular schedule, or in the case that employees take a prolonged business trip, the likelihood of fraudulent activities increases. By utilising prepaid cards instead, you may observe spending immediately and be able to recognize any suspicious purchases. This proficiency to view ongoing expenditures from your employees allows you to detect fraudulent activity before it gets insurmountable.

4. Prepaid cards offer your employees spending control

Making use of prepaid cards for business affairs is not only limited to managing overspending, prepaid cards also have the benefit of facilitating autonomy through authorised spending. By allowing your employees to independently make use of spending power (to a certain limit), you ease the burden on your finance team as they are not required to micro-manage every ongoing purchase or expenditure. By setting up an establish budget and guidelines for spending in the beginning, you can relax about how each dollar is going to be spent.

5. Using prepaid cards lessen the labors of your finance department

Handling business expense reports, cutting compensation cheques, and allocating company cash is unproductive and time-consuming. By allowing your employees to use prepaid cards instead, your accounting department will be freed up from unnecessary labor and will have more time to focus on important projects instead of redundant paperwork.

5 tips for a Beautiful Destination Wedding in Mexico

Destination weddings are always celebrated for a number of reasons. One, it shows that you’re willing to have your wedding somewhere else other than your home, which always excites the guests that show up. They’re getting a vacation and a celebration at the same time, and who can really complain about that? Another reason why destination weddings are so popular is that it’s a way to broadcast your good taste without looking like you’re bragging. We know that many people like to be modest, but c’mon…it’s a wedding. Why not show off to the world how much you love your spouse to be?

Yet for all of the benefits that come with a destination wedding, there are some challenges. Where will you go? How will it all come together? And where will you stay? If you chose to go out to Mexico for your wedding, there are some tips we can give you for a great destination wedding people will be raving happily about for a long time.

destination wedding mexico

1. Get the right team in place

When it comes to planning for a destination wedding, you’re going to need a great team on your side. Now, your team will most likely be made of multiple groups all working together with each other, but that’s to be expected. We think that the team at Sea Side Mexico does a great job with accommodations and attractions, and it’s their area of expertise. They know Mexico and they know where travelers really want to stay. If you’re looking into private accommodations for everyone, they are definitely the team to talk with.

2. Get solid on the details

With something as big as a destination wedding, you can’t leave anything to chance. So this isn’t the time to agonize over the theme. Pick a theme and stick to it, and then build everything around those elements. If you’re planning to have a lot of people come to the wedding, you need to budget for many places at the table. How much of this will be up to your guests to provide, such as transportation and airfare? Writing all of the details down in advance will truly help you stick to your plan. Continue reading “5 tips for a Beautiful Destination Wedding in Mexico”

Reasons why foodies will love living in Essex

Essex might not spring to mind when you think of foodie capitals, but I think it’s certainly got impressive credentials. Perhaps the most obvious reason why is its array of leading restaurants that mean you don’t need to travel to nearby London to enjoy a top meal.

Not everyone who works in London wants to live there, and a large number of individuals choose to purchase new homes in Essex by Countryside Properties and other developers and commute into the capital instead. As such, the county has built up an array of facilities and amenities to make it an attractive place to live, and that includes some fabulous restaurants.


Chelmsford is a popular place for families and couples to live, and one restaurant here that’s caught my eye is the Punch Bowl. With an Anglo-French menu, this eatery is particular known for its fantastic selection of wines – and it even offers trips to Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne! Continue reading “Reasons why foodies will love living in Essex”

5 outdoor security tips

We all want to keep our homes as secure as possible, and luckily for us, these days there are lots of steps we can take to reduce the threat of intruders. To help you protect your property and belongings, I’ve put together five tips on improving home security.


1. Outdoor lights

One of the best ways to put any thief off from entering your garden is to have bright lights fitted to the outside of your property. These work by turning on as soon as they detect any motion in the area. So, if someone should enter your garden, they will switch on.

While they unfortunately won’t be able to signal that there is an intruder, this spotlight could be a deterrent for many burglars. They might run away as soon as the light comes on to avoid anyone from seeing them. Or, if it happens late at night, the sudden brightness could cause you to pay attention to what is going on outside and call the police if you see anything suspicious.

2. Good-quality locks

Gardens are, by their nature, open areas, and if someone can climb over a fence, they will more than likely be able to enter your yard one way or another. There are ways to put them off though, such as having a locked entrance door. Typically, these are bolted shut, enabling people on both sides of the door to open them. Continue reading “5 outdoor security tips”

A guide to dormer loft conversions

Loft conversions are a great way to create more space in your home, whether you need an extra bedroom, a study or even a new bathroom. There are several different types of conversion, with a dormer design one of your options.

Here is a brief guide to dormer loft conversions and what you’ll need to consider if you decide to make this kind of alteration to your property.

What is a dormer conversion?

A dormer conversion will stick out from the slope of your roof, with the aim to provide additional headroom in your loft space. These do not need to span the entire length of your roof and can simply be the width of a single window if you choose. It is possible to build dormer conversions with flat roofs – which give the maximum headroom – but those with sloped roofs tend to look more attractive from the outside.

If you decide to go for a larger dormer conversion, be aware there are limits to the volume of space you can add to your loft. For terraced houses, you can’t create more than 40 cubic m of additional room, while this is 50 cubic m for detached and semi-detached properties.

dormer conversion

Will I need planning permission?

Because a dormer conversion will alter the outward appearance of your home, you will usually need planning permission to take on this kind of project. In some areas, you may find dormer conversions are not allowed, or are restricted to the rear of the property, so as not to change the overall look of the street. In other locations, dormer conversions are only allowed at the front of the house, to prevent the new windows overlooking neighbours’ gardens.

You’ll need to speak to your local planning department to find out whether there are any rules or restrictions you need to be aware of before you start work. Continue reading “A guide to dormer loft conversions”